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How does the service work

Fixed wireless broadband is powered from your antennae to the nearest access point with a clear, unobstructed line of site. The internet service is wireless from your antennae to the nearest access point. A Wi-Fi router is then used to create a wireless or WiFi throughout the home. Wi-Fi routers are not included in our service, however, we do sell them for $99.99. The routers we sell include a 1-year warranty, configuration, and set up on the day of installation. Our service does not require a special Wi-Fi router. If you require special Wi-Fi setups because of adobe walls or a home larger than 2,000 square feet, we frequently refer and highly recommend other local businesses who do these type of setups and are familiar with how our service works. For more information or to sign up for new service please call (505) 986-1669 or click the sign-up button below.

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Provider Santa Fe, New Mexico

A standard installation involves a mounted antenna on the parapet of the home and a cable from the antennae that will feed into the home and connect to a POE (Power Over Ethernet). The POE will then plug into an electrical outlet or a surge protector and give power to the antennae outside. From the POE, an Ethernet cable connects to a WiFi router to create WiFi throughout the home. On the day of a scheduled installation, the first thing a technician will do is climb on the roof to make sure the service will work. The technician will immediately test for speeds as well as signals. If the technician is unable to obtain a good signal, he will immediately leave the home and we will refund the $99.99 installation fee. We do not hold you to the terms of the service agreement since we are unable to provide service.