Local Politically Corrupt Judges Defy Federal Law Limiting Broadband Access To
New Mexico Citizens

For Immediate Release

Albert Catanach, President
NMSurf 1308 Apache Avenue,
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Telephone: 505-986-1669

Santa Fe, New Mexico (October 4th, 2019) A local Santa Fe District Court Judge blocks a reconsideration motion to lift a preliminary injunction which limits NMSurf the ability to further Broadband Internet in Santa Fe and beyond.

A local Santa Fe District Judge Bryan Biedscheid who was ruling on a reconsideration from another local Santa Fe Judge David Thomson ruled against NMSurf. Judge Thomson refused to recuse himself even though he is friends with the opposing City Attorney Zachary Shandler.

The City of Santa Fe continues to violate federal law and Santa Fe City attorneys are fighting a bogus claim. Judge Bryan Biedscheid ruled that a letter the city sent was a valid final “not covered / denial” under 6409a, when in fact it states the opposite and is merely a recommendation letter. The City admits that the letter is not a not covered or denial letter in their petition’s prayer for relief which states, “Inform the City current planning division . . . whether he wishes the land use department to issue a final written decision . . . “.

Judge Biedscheid chose to ignore the plain reading of the letter and instead ruled it was a final “denial / not covered” letter. Judge Bryan Biedscheid and Judge David Thomson also ignored 47 U.S.C. 332(c)(7) in their ruling. Because of these actions, this limits our ability to provide better broadband in New Mexico.

We will appeal the decision because we are passionate about providing broadband in New Mexico; however, we will actively be involved in recommending that these two politically corrupt Judges be voted out of office because they are not for better broadband in New Mexico and their rulings are based on corrupt political rationale and not for the people of New Mexico. As the time comes closer, we will remind you, to vote out politically corrupt Judge Bryan Biedscheid and Justice David Thomson.

Again, we will continue to fight to expand and increase broadband in New Mexico because we are passionate about bringing better broadband where it is most needed. For information about NMSurf, please visit our website at https://www.nmsurf.com