It’s been a a year since we launched our new Broadband Wireless service! We have installed hundreds of happy subscribers to this new, faster Broadband Internet service.  This new faster Broadband Wireless service allows for speeds capable of 600Mbps download. We offer 100Mbps, 200Mbps 300Mbps and 400Mbps packages, with faster upload speeds than DSL or Cable. To view speeds and pricing, visit:


This new Wireless technology, provided by by Tarana Wireless Technology does NOT require a Line of Site generally for up to 3-4 miles from the nearest tower site. The technology reaches up to 15 miles with a standard line of site view (LOS). We have expanded our coverage to include the entire city of Santa Fe city limits, in the Albuquerque Northeast and Sandia Heights area, and in the Pojoaque and Espanola area. For more information on if we cover your specific location or not, please visit and fill out your information. A sales professional will be in touch with you during normal business hours. To read our case study by Tarana Wireless, click here:

Broadband Wireless Internet Service in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Broadband Internet Service