How NMSurf Wireless Internet Service Works


Now more than ever, a solid home internet connection is essential. We live in a world where solid Internet connectivity is crucial, with so many people working and attending school from home. Many people are familiar with traditional Internet connections, like DSL, Cable, and Satellite Internet. Fixed Wireless has become an increasingly popular internet service, and is often the better option than what’s offered by the cable and phone companies here in New Mexico. 

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless is another way to receive broadband Internet service. Customers looking for a solid broadband Internet in New Mexico are usually left with few options and slow speeds. It is not uncommon for those in rural areas to get subpar Internet options. New Mexico is a rural state and because we have a small population, we are also one of the last to be upgraded for broadband Internet from the major companies.  New Mexico is considered a donut hole with the major providers, since they repeatedly fail to upgrade their infrastructure and we are the hole with the states surrounding us. Fixed Wireless Internet is one of the most popular, fastest and most efficient ways to connect to the Internet.

How Does Fixed Wireless Work? 

Fixed broadband wireless works from a signal that is broadcasted from a local tower. The signal uses radio wave frequency to deliver the internet signal. We mount an antenna on your roof and point it toward the nearest tower site. From the antennae, we bring an ethernet cable inside and connect it to a little black box called a power over ethernet or POE. From the POE, we plug it into a WiFi router to create WiFi in the home or office. It’s really that easy!

 If your current internet provider is not able to deliver the speeds you need, check out our broadband offerings. We have speeds that range from 10-100Mbps for residential and up to 1 Gigabit for a business. Cut the cord with NMSurf and check out why Fixed Wireless is the solution for your home or business high-speed internet needs!