We at NMSurf hope that you enjoyed the recent holiday season and that you are off to a great start to the New Year! We have some exciting news to announce for 2022. In December, NMSurf recently celebrated a birthday milestone, with 25 years in business. Since our founding, we have regularly evolved our service offerings to keep up with the consistently evolving technology. We initially started off providing dial-up internet in the days of AOL, then transitioned to a wholesale DSL internet service provider, and then in 2010, we started providing terrestrial fixed wireless internet service. We were the first company in Santa Fe to utilize fixed wireless technology to deliver high-speed internet service. Since 2010, the technology has improved tremendously and usually is a much faster and better option than Satellite internet, DSL, and is even more reliable and faster than cable internet, as the big cable and DSL companies have consistently failed to upgrade their networks in New Mexico, making fixed wireless internet a very viable option for broadband internet service. NMSurf also provides Fiber optic internet service to businesses in Santa Fe along the way of our present Fiber line. As a CLEC, we also provide VOIP phone and streaming TV services. We at NMSurf want to thank you for your continued support. We could not have done it without our loyal customers. We truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in this new year and beyond!

Some more exciting news to announce: NMSurf recently launched our new wireless broadband internet service in Santa Fe. With this new broadband internet service, we are currently offering speeds up to 400Mbps down and 100Mbps up. The service is currently limited to an 8-mile radius at the tower site, however, there is no line-of-sight (NLOS) required for up to 3 miles. Beyond 3 miles up to 8 miles, an unobstructed, clear line of sight (LOS) view is required. We are offering 4 tiers of speeds including 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 300Mbps, and 400Mbps. We are only offering this new high-speed wireless internet service for up to an 8-mile radius at our current tower sight, as anything beyond would be considered a topographical obstruction due to the geography in the area, however, this new technology does have the capacity to allow for beyond 8 miles up for to 18 miles with a clear, unobstructed line of sight. We plan to add more tower sites in Santa Fe county throughout the year, which will allow for more coverage with both NLOS and LOS.

Next year, there will be a software update with this new technology that will allow speeds to reach 3 times faster than what is available right now. This upcoming software update will allow for true Gigabit broadband speeds. Our previous fixed wireless technology was only capable of delivering speeds of up to 100Mbps and was limited to a fixed, line of sight view, only reaching up to 10 miles in most instances. This new groundbreaking fixed wireless technology is remarkable because it does not require a line of sight view for up to 3 miles, and reaches further than 10 miles with a traditional, unobstructed life on sight view. As we add more tower sites and expand our reach further to more markets in New Mexico, the number of people who can connect with NLOS will increase, as well as the capacity to offer LOS at greater than 8 miles, depending on the topography of the area.

NMSurf is constantly upgrading and expanding our tower sights, the areas we provide service, and we stay ahead of the game with the latest technology. We will be expanding our new wireless broadband internet service to other areas outside of Santa Fe city limits in the upcoming year. If we don’t currently provide service in your area, please check back with us regularly, as we frequently update the coverage area we provide service on our website. Besides our new wireless broadband internet service in Santa Fe, we also finished our 2nd phase of fiber optic internet service in Santa Fe, with speeds up to 1 Gigabit, which is 1,000Mbps. We provide Fiber to the Premise to businesses along the path of our Fiber line in Santa Fe.

For more information on our new wireless broadband internet service, currently only available in Santa Fe, please visit: https://www.nmsurf.com/broadband-service/

For more information on our Fiber internet service in Santa Fe, please visit https://www.nmsurf.com/fiberservice/

To see a map of our current coverage area, please visit: https://www.nmsurf.com/coverage/